Using Serbian with Windows XP


It is very simple to setup a computer running Windows XP to have a dual English / Serbian keyboard. This page outlines the steps.

(Note, screens may vary slightly in appearance for different computers)


Open the “Control Panel”


Select “Date, Time, Language and Regional Options”


Select “Regional and Language” Options


Go to the “Languages” tab


Select the “Details” button



Select the “Add” button



Specify the “Input Language” as “Serbian (Cyrillic)” and the “Keyboard layout” as “Serbian Cyrillic”



Select “OK”
Confirm that Serbian Keyboard is now in the “Installed Services”



Select “Apply”, then “OK”


The installation is complete.

You should see the letters “EN” in the task bar at the bottom



Clicking on “EN” and the language tool bar will show which keyboard is currently active (in this case “English (United States)”



Select “Serbian (Cyrillic)”



The symbol in the task bar will change to “SR” and the keyboard will now work in Serbian.


To change back to English, go back to the language tool bar and select English (“EN” will then be visible)


You can also change between keyboards by using “Alt + Shift”.


The layout of the keyboard is as follows:-